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Introducing Self Esteem as a Service!

Published: Dec 4, 2013

Introducing Self Esteem as a Service!

It’s a compliment generator for when you just can’t come up with something nice to say to somebody.

The compliment database currently contains 64 unique compliments that are randomly selected and displayed. This number will continue to increase at a rate of ten or so per day, as I come up with them. My goal is to reach 200+ compliments soon, so if you have ideas or a bunch of compliments, help is appreciated

Also, I’m starting work with David dodge on a new type of generator that actually randomly forms sentences from individual words. That’ll bring even more fun randomness and uniqueness to the page!

The page, as it is being developed, will live in /other_versions/development/happy. Its not going to be fully functional, or finished, until it moves out of there.


Update: its 100% finished now, but compliment donations are always welcome!

Originally published at on December 4, 2013.