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Launching the Tampa Devs Job Board

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Published: Nov 28, 2022
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At Tampa Devs, we rank our performance across two dimensions: the success of our members, and our contribution to their success.

Our members inevitably seek to use the skills and knowledge they obtain to pursue successful careers in software development, and we want to help. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the first of our member-focused career development and placement services, Tampa Devs Jobs.

The Board

Tampa Devs Jobs is simple, beautiful, and a pleasure to use. It’s easy for job seekers to browse. And the polished, professional presentation delights recruiters who want their roles to look their best.

Spreading The Word With Syndication

Job hunting is a lot of work. One of our primary goals with the board was to help job seekers stay on top of new postings wherever they are, which meant bringing those notifications to them.

And for recruiters, we want to deliver even more value. Our integrated solutions expand the reach of each post to help them reach awesome local developers where they are, automatically.

In addition to email notifications, we syndicate all new posts to our Slack and the @tampadevjobs Twitter account. So no matter where you choose to spend time online, we make it easy to keep an eye on new opportunities.


As a developer meetup, the launch of any new member-facing resource wouldn’t be complete without a great API. So we’ve worked hard to bring that to our users, too.

Sort, Search, and Filter

The API provides a broad range of customization options to let you easily sort, search, and filter listings based on what’s important to you. Use query parameters to filter positions by keywords, location, arrangement, and more.

  • arrangement_filter: any combination of fulltime, parttime, contract, temporary, volunteer, internship.

  • location_filter: a list of substrings to search for in job locations (e.g. tampa,anywhere).

  • company_location: a list of substrings to search for in company locations (e.g. tampa,anywhere).

  • company_filter: any combination of company names (e.g. brooksource,reliaquest).

  • title_contains: a list of substrings to search for in job titles (e.g. react,security,devops).

  • promo_filter: list of promoted role types to include in results. One of featured, promoted, basic.

  • limit: a numeric maxumum for the number of results to return.

  • json: return results in JSON format, true or false.


The URL below will return job listings that match the following conditions:

  • posted by either Brooksource or Reliaquest,
  • where the job title contains “security” or “engineer”,
  • fulltime positions only,
  • output in JSON,
  • maximum of 5 results.,reliaquest&title_matches=security,engineer&arrangement_filter=fulltime&limit=5&json

Embeddable Widget

Another important use case is enabling people to embed the board (or filtered a filtered subset of it) on their own websites.

So in addition to outputting results as JSON, our API widget can also render a customizable page server-side with relevant job roles.

Source Code

And of course, all of the API’s source code and documentation is available on GitHub.


For recruiters and sponsors, Tampa Devs Jobs isn’t just a great tool: It also supports Tampa Devs, one of the fastest-growing educational and community nonprofits in the Tampa Bay area.

That means each listing represents an investment in our mission to help Tampa’s software development community grow and thrive.

It’s not enough to support a noble cause, though. So we’ve made efforts to make Tampa Devs Jobs the most straightforward option for promoting roles.

Not only do we have three simple, affordable tiers to choose from, but our users also don’t need to worry about complexities like pay-per-click billing, daily budgets, or costly subscriptions.

Tampa Devs Jobs

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