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Interview - Is Tiktok a Cybersecurity Threat?

WFLA Channel 8 asks me to weigh in

Published: Jan 13, 2023
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Recently, I was asked to weigh in on a recent TikTok controversy by WFLA Channel 8 News. I was interviewed by Nicole Rogers about the security risks of TikTok, and whether the political pressure to ban the app is warranted.

It was a great opportunity to call out the larger political discussion around privacy and data governance in social media. The debate over Tiktok is a political one, calling into question whether the United States is comfortable with Chinese companies amassing the same troves of data that American companies have been collecting for decades.

With the Federal government essentially asleep at the wheel on comprehensive data privacy legislation, it’s up to the private sector to take the lead in protecting enormous amounts of individuals’ data. But perhaps the real questions are how and whether Americans are comfortable entrusting any company, foreign or domestic, with that responsibility.

Source: Bay Area students keep TikTok despite cybersecurity concerns, WFLA Channel 8 News