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Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Published: Dec 1, 2022
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What This Is

This section contains a number of subheadings where I can archive and organize the various things I’m studying/working on from a month-to-month basis. It’s essentially a long list of tersely formatted status updates that I collect and maintain along with some commentary.



  • Practical Cloud Security: A Guide for Secure Design and Deployment - Chris Dotson. (9781492037514)

  • Accelerate DevOps with GitHub: Enhance software delivery performance with GitHub Issues, Projects, Actions, and Advanced Security - Michael Kaufmann. (9781801813358)

  • Eniac: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the World’s First Computer - Scott McCartney. (9780802713483)


Tampa Devs

We have big plans for 2023.

A New Event Discovery Experience at

We’re building a simple web app that aggregates upcoming events from every major tech meetup, conference, etc in the Tampa Bay area.

Most of our members are new to the area and we’ve found that they often use Tampa Devs as a starting point to find their way in Tampa’s tech ecosystem. Tools like this will help better facilitate their journey, and also serve as a way to promote the broader Tampa tech community as a whole!

Embeddable Job Board Widget

This is essentially an advertising tool for the job board that increases its reach on the web (making the board more valuable to companies, in turn driving sponsorship revenue)

Free Websites for Partner Organizations

One of our goals for 2023 is to have a beautiful, fully-managed, easy to maintain base template and hosting service that our partner organizations/affiliate meetups can use to host their own websites.

We envision that any meetup group in Tampa Bay could receive their own subdomain of to use as they wish, completely for free, and link them up with the rest of the meetups in the area.


(not) Tweeting…

I’m moving on from Twitter.

An archive of my public tweets and activity can be viewed at


I’ve been doing a ton of work with GitHub actions:

  • Tailscale ACL GitOps (check it out).
  • CI/CD for my friend’s game (currently in development). Inspired by “Managing a game dev community with GitHub Actions” (link) and based on their GitHub actions config. More in-depth details to follow soon.
  • CI/CD + GitHub Advanced Security features for the Tampa Devs Job Board API (repo).


  • The Boondocks


  • Drums