Charlton's Blog

About Me

My name is Charlton Trezevant. I’m a software developer and application security consultant. I have widely varied interests in all things, but especially computer science, music, visual arts, and nature.

You can learn more about my technical and creative works in my portfolio, or by exploring the contents of this website. I can be contacted via email or one of these ways.

About This Blog

This blog is statically generated by Hugo. It’s compiled and hosted by Cloudflare Pages, using GitHub for version control. Image files and other large assets are stored in BackBlaze B2 and served via Cloudflare.

My original blog began sometime around 2011 and was initially hosted on Wordpress, but I quickly moved to Blogger. Sometime after that I migrated everything to Medium. When Medium started to suck, I went back to the drawing board to produce the version you see here.

The visual layout, color scheme, and overall design of this site are inspired by the aesthetic ideal of shibui. You can learn more about the site in the manual.

About Werc

Werc describes itself as a “minimalist web anti-framework built following the Unix and Plan 9 tool philosophy of software design”. The project’s creator and contributors were/are skilled programmers with exacting taste and aesthetic sensibilities.

I originally built this blog atop a functional Werc installation, but ultimately decided I would prefer static sites to running a server. Progress on my new blog languished for some time.

Luckily, I stumbled across Dennis Lee’s port of the base Werc template and styles into Hugo’s templating system. From this I was able to port my own revisions and achieve a pleasing result, finally combining Werc’s aesthetic simplicity with my desire for a static site.

This is my personal blog. Everything here is written by me, reflects my own opinions, and is rightfully mine. The content of this site does not speak for my employer and I should never be quoted as such.

Original content on this site are CC BY-NC-SA licensed unless otherwise stated. Commercial use of any of my works, either in whole or in part, requires my express written permission (I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea, you just have to have to ask me first).