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Extras (From Around The Web)

Here are some links to other sites worth checking out.

Raw Thought, by Aaron Swartz

Gone but not forgotten.

The Enchiridion

By Epictetus.

Hundred Rabbits

Art, technology, and living on a sailboat. Great name.


Everyone uses computers. They are all wrong.


software that sucks less

Programming Quotes

Gleaming droplets of sage advice.


It’s free!

The IndieWeb

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”.

Computer Chronicles

Gaze into electric sand’s primordial soup. Also see net cafe.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

I love birds so much.

Esoteric to the max.

He’s not really Stanley Lieber.

It’s Linux!

The Go Blog

I love Go.


Respect your local Bell Labs alum Russ Cox.

Chip Overclock

Another one of those brilliant minds on the Internet, blogging about embedded systems (and especially high-accuracy time sources).

Dave Cheney’s Blog

Programmer & Go-lover, sharp as a razor’s razor.

Nefarious Labs

Hacking + Politik.

Ryan Finnie

Knows his shit about computers.


Another one of those jaw-droppingly intelligent/creative types, with prolific output of projects.


Ditto, to the point that I’m slightly afraid.

Evan Doorbell

Phone phreak & Bell System documentarian.

The Cheshire Catalyst

Local Wizard of hacking’s Golden Ages.

Ben Eater

Architect of computers, shepherd of electrons, fisher of men.



Computers Are Bad

Computers are bad. This excellent newsletter will enlighten you as to why.

The Embedded Muse

Jack Ganssle definitely knows a thing or two about embedded systems.


The cats can talk.

Nick vs. Networking

Telecom network engineering and general mad science.

The Net Cafe Effect

A small but well-crafted fan-blog for my other favorite primordial internet documentary show.

Reginald Braithwaite

Essays & presentations on mathematics, programming, etc.

Brian Kernighan’s Home Page

This man needs no introduction.

Benji Weber

Intriguing blog about managing software teams and software itself.

Andrew Ayer

He likes crypto, as in cryptography.

Cheapskate’s Guide

Dedicated to teaching readers how to save as much money as possible on computers and Internet services. Also posts articles about online security, privacy, and freedom of speech. (Thanks for the shoutout!)

Bunnie Studios

Bunnie’s blog. Embedded systems, electrical engineering, and mind-blowing mad science.

Melon King home.

Cameron’s World

A tasteful selection of GeoCities archives.

Security. Cryptography. Whatever.

The best podcast on security, cryptography, software engineering, etc. that I’ve encountered in a long time. Genuinely excellent content, awesome guests, and hosts who are credentialed and sharp as tacks.

Matthew Garrett’s Blog

Power management, mobile and firmware developer on Linux. Incredibly detailed and interesting write-ups on reverse-engineering embedded systems.

Firmware Security


Dailywebthing Daily Pointers

Daily pointers to personal sites and interesting places around the web. Pleased to be featured!

The Big List of Personal Websites

A very big, and very cool list of personal websites.


Cameron Kaiser’s incredible retro-computing megacomplex.

Wild Tech “Garden”

Daniel Dickinson’s website. Thanks for the shoutout!