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In addition to what’s listed here, more projects can be found in my portfolio, resume, and github.


31 Dec NextCloud CardDAV/CalDAV Backer-Upper
14 Dec LDAP Injection in ForgeRock OpenAM: Exploiting CVE-2021-29156


12 Jul Porter: A Smart Garage Door Controller


09 Apr SpeedPicker: A Competitive Lockpicking Game
09 Jan Sustain Pedals on the Cheap


30 Oct PEACE ☮
10 May Gakken SX-150 Mk II - USB MIDI Mod


04 Dec The Grok CI Framework
29 Sep SDR Presentation
26 Aug Edsby XSS Proof-of-Concept
05 Jul Build a Simple IP Echo Service With Lighttpd and Mod_magnet
28 Apr PyEdsby
14 Apr Build a Tweeting Doorbell


23 May @Cloudvisionbot: An Experiment in AI APIs
10 Apr Scraping for Cache, Or: It’s Not Piracy if You Left It Out in the Open
15 Mar Simple, Encrypted Storage on Cloud Services
18 Jan Cooling Down the Hotlinks: Taming Bandwidth Usage With No Compromises


31 Dec Live Picture Frames: A Curious Perspective
03 Dec Archiving Your Pocket List With Ruby
17 Nov Language Speeds: A Quick and Dirty Test
23 Jul Get Notified When Your Linux Server Boots.
06 Jul Banepost.c: Easy Baneposting for the Linux Enthusiast
29 Jun The Episorter: Taking the Monotony Out of Renaming TV Episodes
28 May Stopping Google Analytics Spammers
11 May Blocking Bad Bots in 3 Easy Steps With Lighttpd.
22 Apr Catching Spam Bots in the Act With Node


05 Jul Chrome Extensions for Reddit!