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Introducing Packfiles 📦

The GitHub Migrations Company

Published: Apr 22, 2024
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I’m excited to announce Packfiles, a company I’m co-founding with Robert Bremer. Rob and I worked closely together at our last company, where we helped found one of the premier GitHub Professional Services practices in the United States.

What’s Packfiles?

We’re the GitHub migration company, building products and tools that enable organizations of any size to move their software development stack– all their code repositories, pipelines, and more– over to GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Easily, incrementally, and on their schedule.

Why Packfiles?

GitHub is the world’s leading AI-powered developer platform, and one of (in my view) the very best developer-focused products in existence. My GitHub account is over a decade old now, and I’ve long been deeply passionate about the platform. Not a day goes by that I don’t use or interact with GitHub in some capacity.

At my last company, I was entrusted with the responsibility of joining GitHub as a contractor, assuming direct responsibility for consultation, training, technical pre-sales, and development of custom solutions for GitHub’s immediate customers. It was during this time that I identified glaring friction in GitHub’s first-party migration tooling that significantly degraded the customer experience.

I felt strongly that customers deserved better, and it was then that I decided to create a large-scale internal tool for orchestrating and dispatching tens to hundreds of thousands of individual repository migrations, along with another first-of-its-kind tool enabling end-to-end encrypted migration of Actions secrets.

Customers loved these new experiences, and with migration tooling being a critical part of an Enterprise’s journey to GitHub adoption, I felt passionate about my product vision and decided the time was right to to pursue it further. Rob shared my passion for the product space, and was moved by the tremendous opportunity to positively impact the GitHub customer experience. We decided to join forces, and Packfiles was born.

Get in Touch

Planning to move away from Azure DevOps, BitBucket Server, GitHub Enterprise Server, or others? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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