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Tampa Devs Talk - Next Level Game Development: Godot Engine + DevOps = GameOps!

Kevin and I discuss game development with Godot Engine and our unique approach to CI/CD

Published: Jul 13, 2023
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Expanding further on the ideas presented in my Orlando Codecamp talk, Kevin and I decided to give a talk at Tampa Devs about our unique approach to game development with Godot Engine and DevOps.

Kevin absolutely stole the show with his excellent demonstration of how Godot engine fundamentals, building into a full-scale example of how to create a fish AI from first principles. I followed up with a deep dive into the CI/CD pipelines I developed for the game, which was much less constrained than what I was able to present in Orlando.

You can watch the talk and view the slides below:

(video mirror)

    / [pdf]

Curious about Ibis AM? Check out some playthroughs or find it on Steam and