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Tampa Devs Talent Financials: November Update

Reflecting on our first profitable month

Published: Nov 24, 2023
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Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s an update on Tampa Devs Talent, the reverse job board service powering Tampa Devs’ charitable cause.

📈 Financial Breakdown

5 months in, our recruiting play has started to deliver. I’m pleased to announce that this November, revenues reached $408 from a combination of subscription fees and two contract hires, making this our first profitable month!

So far, Tampa Devs Talent has generated:

  • $376.20 in subscription revenue,
  • $111.00 in placement fees,
  • $2,500 in other contributions.

After factoring in payment processing fees, climate contributions, and hosting costs, the remaining $2,414 have been invested directly back into supporting our programs.

Additionally, we donate 1% of revenue to CO2 reduction causes via Stripe Climate, and I’m happy to share that we’ve made $31 in CO2 reduction contributions to date.

You can dig into our our P&L in the screenshot, or at our public link. Just ignore the MRR number, because the calculation is bugged at the moment.

👥 Users and Customers

Our user and customer base has also grown consistently. I’m proud to announce that as of November, we’ve grown to:

  • 5 paying customers,
  • 223 registered users, and
  • 121 public profiles from developers looking for work.
  • 2 hires!

In other words: since launching on July 1, we’ve grown at an average rate of 44 new users per month, 24 new profiles per month, and 1 new customer per month. For a unique recruiting product launched by a SaaS first-timer, these numbers are something I’m proud of.

➡️ Looking Forward

Tampa Devs isn’t just about building a community that delivers high-quality career, education, and workforce development programs at no cost. It’s an expression of the vision held by our team, where a unique entrepreneurial model secures the long-term future and financial resources necessary to scale our charitable mission sustainably.

Looking forward, I hope that we’ll continue to achieve success in this venture. In time we want Tampa Devs to stand as a testament to this model, inspiring people to creatively combine their passions for business and social good to achieve great things for their community.

I’m thankful for what we’ve accomplished in 2023 and am excited to see what 2024 will bring. I’m grateful to Tampa Devs’ donors and customers for believing in our mission, and I’m especially grateful for the incredible team organizing our programs and events, Josef Sieber, Matthew Yorkgitis, and Vincent Tang.

There’s a bright future ahead!