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Hello again.

Published: Apr 1, 2024
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What This Is

This section contains a number of subheadings where I can archive and organize the various things I’m studying/working on from a month-to-month basis. It’s essentially a long list of tersely formatted status updates that I collect and maintain along with some commentary.



  • Show Stopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft - G. Pascal Zachary. (0029356717)
  • 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami. (978-0-307-59331-3)



Packfiles 📦

I’m excited to introduce Packfiles, a company I’m building with my co-founder Robert Bremer.

Read more about it in my dedicated post, and in the Tampa Bay Business Journal (archive).


Tampa Devs

I’ve been working with Tampa Devs’ first-ever intern to bring a host of new features to Tampa Devs Talent, our nonprofit SaaS hiring platform.


  • Special profile badges for CodeBoxx students (#26)
  • An evolved invisiblization feature to manage spam/abuse (#114)
  • Improvements to the Business customer onboarding flow, requiring them to sign the hiring agreement before accessing developer profiles (#102)
  • Added the Events API next event widget to the homepage (#83)
  • Squashed a bug regarding developer profile sharing (#82)
  • Migrated the CDN for user uploaded content (profile photos, banner images, hiring agreements) to a new S3 bucket behind Cloudflare’s cache (#79)
  • Added a link to the status page to the site footer, Business profiles now display customer contact information, plus a Developer-facing reminder about celebration packages (#72)
  • New Developer specialty badges, shown on Developer profiles and searchable (#71)
  • New Progressively enhanced combobox for Developer specialty search (#70)
  • New 90 day placement fee warranty (#61)
  • Add a phone number field to Business profiles (#44)
  • Businesses must provide a phone number in their profile before sending cold messages to Developers (#46)
  • Rake task to sync user account information to Tampa Devs’ Sendgrid database (#40)
  • New annual Business subscription, priced at $999/year (#116)

Aside from these new features, we’ve also done a lot of work on updating dependencies, fixing bugs, and improving the overall state of the platform.

Upcoming features:

  • All-new functionality that will allow Businesses to post and advertise open roles (#30 - Job Posts)



  • Persona 3 Reload.